AfricanBamba is a creative entity dedicated to the promotion of African music, cinema and style through festivals, live events, cultural projects, film productions and arts.



Central venue of the festival is Centre Culturelle Jacques Chirac, which is centrally located in Thiaroye (Senegal) and is renowned by the community, as it is a centre for youth engagement against drugs and abuse through sports.



AfricanBamba Human Rights Film & Arts Festival will feature 5 full days of film screenings and 3 debates dedicated to the issues of human rights.


AfricanBamba Human Rights Film and Arts Festival

Thiaroye, Senegal - 10 Dec 2015; 3-6 Mar 2016

AfricanBamba Human Rights Film and Arts Festival - first human rights film festival in Senegal - showcases human rights and social issues documentaries to raise awareness and inspire change. AfricanBamba Human Rights Film Festival uses films as a mean to address urgent social issues: primary goal is to engage youth and the community towards positive social change and empowerment by raising awareness on human rights through the support of films screenings.

AfricanBamba Contacts:
Abdoulaye Gaye - Festival Director
Email: africa.thiaroye@gmail.com